Project Life 2015 - Week 1 - Studio Calico Kit: Walden

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

Project Life 2015 - Woche 01 by Stef

Dieses Jahr hat es einige Wochen gedauert, bis ich wieder in den PL Rythmus gekommen bin. Der Winter hier will aber auch kein Ende nehmen, und da hat sich meine Kreativität gleich mit eingeigelt. Ende Februar kam dann aber der imaginäre Tritt in den Allerwertesten und ich habe an einem Wochenende mal reingeklotzt und 8 Wochen nachgeholt. Frei nach dem Motto "Done is better than perfect" (Fertig ist besser als perfekt) den die Damen wie Becky Higgins ja gerne immer und wieder vom Stapel lassen.  Also, Stapel Fotos von Rossmann kommen lassen und boom ...

This year it took a few weeks until I got back into the PL rhythm. Winter just doesn't want to end and apparently my creativity is hibernating. At the end of February I gave myself a proverbial kick in the behind and just finished 8 weeks on a weekend. I stuck closely to Becky Higgins favorite line "Done is better than perfect". I hope she's right.

Scrapbook Layout: Boys will be Boys - Studio Calico "Odyssey" Kit

Montag, 16. März 2015

Ich habe es tatsächlich fertiggebracht mein erstes 12x12 Layout dieses Jahr zu scrappen! Ich schiebe das auf meine Liebe zu Project Life. Überraschenderweise, habe ich es tatsächlich geschafft das Jahr 2014 vollständig zu dokumentieren, daher kann ich mir selbst nicht so wirklich böse sein. Ja, es fehlen hier und da noch ein paar Kleinigkeiten, aber das Journaling und die Layouts sind fertig, also ist es fertig ;). Den Rest werd ich demnächst noch hier und da einfügen.
Eins meiner Ziele für 2015, ist endlich regelmäßig zu bloggen und meine Layouts und anderen Bastelarbeiten hier auf dem Blog vorzustellen und ich hoffe das ich es auch schaffe da dran zu bleiben.

Das Layout von gestern habe ich mit dem Studio Calico März Kit "Odyssey" erstellt. Die Farben diesen Monat sind wirklich spitze! Bei mir kann man ja mit schwarz & weiss, aqua, gelb, etc. nie etwas falsch machen.
Die Fotos sind von meinem New York Trip letztes Jahr, und liegen nun schon ziemlich genau ein Jahr hier und warteten darauf gescrappt zu werden. Ich glaube all die Erinnerungen meiner Freunde und anderer Fans online, haben mich dazu gebracht die Fotobomben Geschichte endlich zu erzählen.

Boys will be boys
Boys will be boys

I made my first 12x12 layout of the year yesterday *gasp*, for which I fully blame my love for Project Life. Surprisingly I actually managed to fully document my 2014, so I cannot be mad at myself.  I am still in shock! There's still a few bits and pieces missing here and there, but overall it is done and journaled, so I consider it documented. One of my goals for 2015 is to share more of my crafty adventures in 2015 here on the blog, so hopefully I will stick to that. 

The layout I made yesterday was made with the Studio Calico march kit 'Odyssey', which I absolutely adore, with black and white and aqua and yellow ... which are all A-OK in my book.

This is a layout of pictures from last years New York trip that had been waiting to be scrapped for exactly a year. I think all the online reminders of friends and fans made me finally wanting to tell that Photobomb story. 

The "Week in my Life 2013"

Montag, 9. September 2013

It has been a while since I subjected myself to the blogger-sphere  In the past few years I've had many thoughts about going back to writing regular updates and in the long run it is definitely something I would like to pursue in a more elaborate way, but right now there is just no time nor enough passion. 
Oddly in my case the busier I get with my everyday life at work, the more projects and hobbies I pick up. It almost feels like I need to counteract the mental stress that work brings with new things, which are often just as time consuming, but which are calming my nerves and help centering me giving me an opportunity to concentrate on more important things - like me, while feeling productive.

For instance last Christmas I decided to pick up knitting again and it has turned into my own personal Yoga. There is nothing that calms me like concentrating on a pattern and just let my hands create something beautiful or useful (in some cases even both). 
Now for me, knitting is something I connect with colder temperature, with a cup of hot tea and wearing a sweater, curled up in my favorite chair. I hardly knitted all summer, just because sweaty hands and wool are just not a pleasant combination for the same reason somebody tends to not wear a woolen sweater during summer. It's just too hot and sticky. So I needed something to do in the summer.

When I moved earlier this year, one thing I realized  other than that I am too unorganized and collect too much crap, is that my favorite hobby, analogue photography, is being stored away in boxes. I collect cameras and I use them a lot, I am even getting film developed regularly, but there it ends. If I am really up for it, I scan and post them to my account but the actual pictures disappear in a shoe-box, which now is collecting dust in the basement. It upset me. Some of my favorite images are analogue and are now hidden away - and let's face it: Nobody ... and I mean NOBODY, will look at them again in a box in the basement.

One thing I always loved in the States, was all my friends making incredible Scrapbook Albums. Now let me tell you, the last Photo-album I made was 2001 and all I did was stick a few pictures on pages and called it a day. Don't mind me, I still love that album and the memories I connect with the trip, but it was nothing like the scrapbook albums I've seen my friends make. What stopped me trying this is that I have no creative vision. Whenever I can I try to take a more minimalist approach to design, so all those embellishments scared me. 
Then I discovered Project Life by Becky Higgins. Project Life® is a back-to-basics approach to memory-keeping. This system is so simple, that it's revolutionary.
To find out more go here.

Now, an album, matching pockets, journal and filler cards and pictures. Even I can do that! So I started using the Project Life system to get my travel pictures from last year in order and it's loads of fun. There is also a digital approach which I integrated. Beginning next year, I want to actually start with memory keeping and making weekly layouts to remember things and to use my pictures and have them in a presentable medium instead of in boxes. But now for the actual reason of this post. Through different Project Life Facebook Groups, Pinterest boards, websites (YES! IT IS EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK - very distracting, in a good way) I heard of Ali Edwards "Week in Life", a week where you document your everyday life. All the little things that usually get lost in the shuffle. I liked this idea - and hopefully I'll be able to stick with it. So this is where you'll find me. My days. My pictures. My crafty things. Welcome.

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